• Image of Artisan Bread Baking     September 13 2014
  • Image of Artisan Bread Baking     September 13 2014
  • Image of Artisan Bread Baking     September 13 2014

What better way to kick off autumn than by learning the art of bread baking! There's nothing better than freshly baked bread with your favorite soup when temperatures drop. This class will teach you the skills and give you confidence to start baking your own bread at home.

During the class we will focus on both quick breads and yeast bread baking. We will practice working with several types of dough and talk through several methods to achieve the best results every time.

This workshop will end with lunch together, featuring the bread we’ve made and complimentary meats, cheeses and wine. Bring a friend!

Our instructor will be Betsy Haley, a San Diego based food stylist with a BFA from the University of Illinois. She's been working in television and film production since 2005, and has been writing the popular food and lifestyle blog, www.betsylife.com, since 2010.

Betsy has been featured in Cooking Light Magazine, The Huffington Post and Pimlico magazine and also contributed to Cooking Light’s Good Mood Food Cookbook.

Make & Mingle with us!

When: Saturday, Sept 13th
What time: 10:00am - 1:00pm
Where: South Park, San Diego
Price: $60
Includes: Bread dough to bake at home (we will be eating the bread we bake in class) lunch, wine & goodies.

Important: Tickets are non refundable. Space is limited. Suitable for adults only.

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